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SHANK KWEI entitlements of professional electronic information product design
and development of plastic molds and plastic injection plant components.


Its main business:
precision plastic mold design & manufacturing.

3C electronic information product manufacturing of plastic injection parts and surface coating.

  ◆ In 1984, Shang Kwei Enterprise Co. was Established in Taipei,Taiwan. We Major business included molding and parts manufacturing.
  ◆ In 1989, the both of Research & Designing and Moulding Injection Dept. were added.
  ◆ In 1999, the extended engineering was completed and got ISO-9001 certificate In 2000.
  ◆ In 2002, the site in China “ShangKwei Electronics Technology Co. (Suzhou)” was established.
  ◆ In 2014, the site in China “ShangKwei Electronics Technology Co. (Suzhou)” was established.
Patenr Certification and Award Winners:

【Taiwan factory】
No.529,Hsin-Shu Rd.,Hsin Chuang Dist,New Taipei City,Taiwan,R.O.C.
Phone : +886-2-82010110 Fax : +886-2-82010102
Email : eva@shank.com.tw elephant@shank.com.tw

【Suzhou Factory】
No.39, Zhousidun Road, Caohu Economic Development Zone, Xiangcheng, Suzhou
Phone : +86-512-65767100#8008
Email : yw@shank.com.cn

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